when submitting for various competitions, it can bare fruit. the haggis balls were definitely worth travelling to Edinburgh for.
The event itself was a bit corporate (it was for a bank mind you) and the eventual winners all too predictable, unfortunately.

I love the pic though, actually, I just love my face. what a set of chops!



Doing competitions always feels like a little bit of a self advertising campaign as opposed to actually doing it for the cause itself. DAF (Design Against Fur) is the latest one. Looking at the previous winners, not to be modest, but I think with very little effort i've managed to outdo just about all of them. Reason: it appears that the "Judges" would benefit from actually having someone who represents the artistic community. The spew of crudely photoshopped posters that have been winning in the last few years with a blunt and vile catchphrase plastered on the front are poorly designed to say the least. Here's hoping, but if the previous winners are anything to go on...hmmm