Creative Review Write-up

I am writing on my blog to tell you I wrote on Creative Reviews blog about the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show.

What do you think about... Scottish Independence?

A bit of a call for entries here...
In a slight deviation to my ongoing project "How Do You Feel About... Social Media?" 
I'm asking about Independence instead. Living in London, it's hard to guage the opinions of people as it's not a predominant subject. However, having been back in Scotland recently, it is easy to see the graphic landscape shifting; more and more relevant material the closer it gets, from TV and radio to mugshots of people on Social Networks. 
So, i'm curious to find out. Get in touch with your thoughts and a photo and let me know!


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How Do You Feel About... Social Media?

I asked the Creative Director at MTV what he thought about Social Media. Here's what he said...

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Illustration pop up and advice for kids!

So the shop and gallery went swimmingly well. T-shirts and prints disappearing in exchange for notes. 
Could have been better, however, but a recurring comment was: 
 "I love your work, but I think it will scare my children!"
But I guess that's the price you pay when you focus your work on making a comment on society. It's dark, scary and cluttered out there kids. Looking at my illustrations will be the least of your worries! 
Still, good fun all round and thanks again to MTV in Camden for hosting it. 
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