The little useless Boy Bee...

Since moving to London, i've realised everyone's away on holiday... "quiet period" they say. So, to combat this, i've just being doing a lot of "Personal Work". Partly for my own shop on my website (which I have paid about as much attention to as the side ads on Fuckbook demanding I click on it and magically zap a fucking six pack in 10 milliseconds over the wireless to me) but also for my new section amidst some giants of the industry as part of Scrawl Collective.

You could say... I have been keeping as busy as a bee.

Which brings me on to this little fellow I drew the other day. I was surprised when told a number of Bee related facts including the bees that you always see dying in the middle of the pavement are in fact all boy bee's (due to a number of reasons I shall allow you to research yourselves on a popular conglomerate).

Poor little thing.

Ready? Altogether now... "Awww"



Went on holiday up the coast before finally moving to London. Was struck by this really lovely window. That's that.